How-to Videos about The Allett Kensington Reel Mower

How-to Videos about The Allett Kensington Reel Mower

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Continue scrolling down to find 5 helpful videos on The Allett Kensington reel mower. While the videos may show a different engine, all of our Allett Kensington mowers are sold with Briggs & Stratton engines and the same info in the videos for the 17K apply to the 17B that we sell.

Unpack Kensington 17B Reel Mower and Prepare to Mow

Learn How to Change a Cartridge on The Kensington 17B 

Learn How to Adjust the Grass Rake on The Kensington 17B 

 How to "Set" the Cutting Cylinder on The Kensington 17B

(this is different than setting the cut height, which is demonstrated in the Unpacking and Preparing to Mow video at the very top) 

How to Change the Drive Belts on The Kensington 17B 



One More Video: Watch All 7 Allett Cartridges in Action.

In case you missed it, read our intro page on Why We Love Allett Mowers

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