The Allett Mower

The Allett Mower

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Finally: The Homeowner's Reel Mower

Super-Sod believes that Allett mowers are the only good homeowner "reel" mowers available and we want to get them out there available to everybody.

Why a reel mower rather than a rotary? It's simple. Reel mowers (also called "cylinder" mowers) are superior to rotary mowers because they make a “scissor cut” rather than a hacking cut like a machete. This scissor cut makes a clean cut (rotary mowers often leave jagged edges). A clean cut is desirable because it looks better AND it reduces water loss from turf. That's a win/win situation.

Also, a reel mower mows at a lower cut height than a rotary mower ever can, creating a dense, tight lawn that looks better and the density reduces weeds (weed seeds are less likely to touch soil and take root). Think golf course: they use only reel mowers and have a stunning, low, dense turf. For some turf, such as Tifway Bermuda, a low growing/cut height also makes for a healthier turf.

Due to the lower cutting height, reel mowers are the best type of mowers for Zoysia, Bermuda, or Centipede. Reel mowers are not made for the longer grasses such as Tall Fescue or St. Augustine.



Why we love Allett reel lawn mowers:

  • The cutting height is easy to adjust with just the turn of a knob that raises the front roller! No flipping over the machine and adjusting height like on a rotary mower.
  • They are designed with an easily interchangeable cartridge system. Blade sharpening is usually inconvenient. In the Allett mower, the blades and bed knife are contained within a removable cartridge that can be replaced with a new cartridge or taken out to have sharpened (rather than loading up the entire mower and bringing it down to the service shop).
  • It's a multi-purpose machine and optional cartridges are available: 10 blade mowing cartridge, dethatcher, scarifier, verticutter, and brush. Watch a video demonstrating these cartridges: Cartridge Video.
  • A drum roller in the back gives the pronounced striping effect coveted by lawn lovers.
  • They are made in England and we like the look and feel of them.
  • At $1609, The Kensington is an affordable reel mower for homeowners. Reel mowers are usually priced totally out of homeowner price range, at something only a golf course can justify spending.


Allett Mowers available for homeowners:

Allett Kensington Mower at Super-Sod

Allett Kensington 17B

Allett Mowers available for landscapers:

Allett C-Range Professional Reel Mower
Allett C-Range



Call your local Super-Sod Store in Georgia, North Carolina, or South Carolina to order and pick up your Allett reel lawn mower today!