Cartridge System on Allett Reel Mowers

Cartridge System on Allett Reel Mowers

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Watch as each cartridge is demonstrated to show the 
capabilities of these innovative British reel lawn mowers.
While the video may show a different engine, all of our
Allett mowers are sold with Briggs & Stratton engines.


All About Allett's Cartridges

(Listed in order of appearance in the video.)
A standard blade cartridge comes with each mower. On The Kensington, it's a 6 blade cartridge.

Optional Cartridges to build Allett's "Complete Lawncare System"

10 Blade Cutting Cartridge: 

For the precision golf course finish (recommended for the Kensington due to its more advanced mow height adjustment capabilities).


Also called "vertical mowing," the verticutter attachment cuts grass lengthwise (up the blade) to remove lateral growth, thin the grass, and reduce thatch accumulation. Can also be used to remove and mulch surface debris, such as fallen leaves.


Dead grass known as "thatch" builds up for many reasons; remove this layer of dead grass with the dethatcher cartridge.

Lawn Brush: 

Gently brushes fertilizer, topdressed seed, and topdressing materials (such as compost) into the sod. Also good for clearing surface debris from the lawn.


Removes thatch and surface debris from the lawn to maintain air and water flow into the soil.


More Videos: Get your Allett mowing with a personal trainer! Follow the links for mower prep and maintenance videos on The Kensington.

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