Bermuda Sod

Bermuda Sod

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Various strains of Bermuda turfgrasses have been imported from Africa since Colonial days. Long ago, Bermudas spread to every part of the United States where there is enough rainfall to sustain them and the winters are not so severe that they are killed.


Bermuda Sod Characteristics

Bermuda grasses thrive in hot weather and therefore are referred to as warm-season grass.

Bermuda grasses grow rapidly in full sun.

Bermuda grasses offer good drought tolerance.

Bermuda grasses form a dense, lush, fine-textured turf.

Bermuda grasses are the best answer for high-traffic use.

Our Improved Bermuda grasses produce a more vigorous and denser turf that are less subject to weed invasion and have good disease resistance.


In recent years many Improved Bermudas have been bred, selected and marketed and practically all of them are much superior to the seeded Bermudas (better color, better texture, greater density, fewer seed heads and less disease). Improved hybrid Bermudas do not produce viable seed and must be vegetatively propagated (sodded).

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