Tifway Bermuda Sod

Tifway Bermuda Sod


Tifway Bermuda by SuperSod

Tifway is the traditional standard for golf, sport, and lawns. Less expensive to maintain than TifSport.

(a.k.a. T-419, Tifton 419, Tif419, 419 Bermuda)

Cynodon transvaalensis × C. dactylon

Tifway Bermuda Sod performing in Direct Sunlight.

Tifway Bermuda sod features at-a-glance:

  • This turfgrass performs best in full sun
  • Vigorous-growing lawn
  • Beautiful green-colored blades
  • Fine-textured turfgrass (not as fine as TifGrand™)
  • Lawns retain good color under stress
  • High turf density and strength, with quick recovery from wear (under proper maintenance/management)
  • Aggressive establishment from sod
  • Forms a lawn with a superior surface, under short cutting heights

Tifway Bermuda turf grass thriving in warm climate lawn.

Tifway Bermuda sod is ideal for:

  • Golf course fairways and tees
  • Sport fields
  • All sod and turfgrass needs in high use or highly visible areas in warm climates

Tifway Bermuda sod has these further characteristics:

  • Tifway Bermuda turfgrass grows best in hot climates and may become dormant after frost, but recovers quickly when temperatures warm.
  • Tifway Bermuda lawns are drought tolerant; withstanding drought by going into dormancy until sufficient rainfall (irrigation) resumes.
  • With proper maintenance/management, Tifway Bermuda turfgrass provides fast recuperative rates from traffic and wear.
  • Tifway Bermuda turfgrass exhibits dense growth and, when properly maintained, competes with the presence of many turf weeds.
  • With proper maintenance, Tifway Bermuda turfgrass demonstrates tolerance to or quick recovery from pest damage.
  • Tifway Bermuda turfgrass can tolerate relatively high soil and water salt concentrations.
  • Tifway can be installed as dormant sod.
  • Tifway Bermuda lawns can be mowed with a reel or a rotary lawn mower. We carry Allett reel lawn mowers for the best cut.
  • For more than 50 years (until the release of new, improved Bermudas like TifGrand™), Tifway provided superior quality and turfgrass performance. Because Tifway is not protected by patent, it has become a commodity product of inconsistent quality in the sod industry, but at Super-Sod, we establish our fields from true Tifway stock.
  • Tifway Bermuda turfgrass is only reproduced vegetatively. Tifway seed is not available for starting Tifway bermuda grass lawns.


More Tifway Bermuda Info:

SOD is available, in individual rolls or full pallets, for pick-up/delivery at Super-Sod Outlets.

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