Wintergreen Painted Sod

Wintergreen Painted Sod

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Zoysia, Bermuda, and Centipede sod painted green for winter: Instant Impact!

Wintergreen Painted Sod

Healthy Looking Wintergreen Bermuda at office complex. Back left is browned dormant Bermuda, Front Right is Wintergreen painted Bermuda looking green and healthy.

Wintergreen painted Bermuda (front and lookin' good!) vs. dormant Bermuda (back left in both photos).

Warm-season grasses go dormant (brown) in winter, but are easy to install in these bleak months. We can paint them green for instant impact and satisfaction during winter installation. Ask for Wintergreen Painted Sod.

  • Impress with new green grass in winter: the outstanding green color of Wintergreen sod contrasts dramatically with dormant brown lawns. Wintergreen lawns are eye-catching, making new lawns instantly distinctive and special.
  • Wintergreen offers a great reason for dormant winter sodding.
  • Wintergreen totally eliminates concerns about competitive spring transition from overseeded grasses.
  • Safe, non-toxic green pigment is sprayed on before harvesting. The paint contains no hazardous chemicals, heavy metals, or other ingredients harmful to turf.
  • Zenith & Emerald Zoysia, TifGrand & Tifway Bermuda, and TifBlair Centipede are available painted or unpainted (dormant brown).
  • Paint wears off in early spring, when temperatures warm and grass starts growing: green paint is mowed off with new spring green unpainted growth replacing it.

Wintergreen Painted Sod is available, in individual rolls or full pallets,
for pick-up/delivery at Super-Sod Stores.