Zoysia Sod

Zoysia Sod

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Zoysia Sod has a deep green color. Zoysia grasses are commonly used in both commercial and residential landscapes, sport fields, golf courses, roadsides, and medians. Uniquely, it tolerates extreme heat and cold and is the best Zoysia for cooler climates. It is best-adapted turf for the transition zone -- from Baltimore to Cincinnati to St. Louis and West, and then south to Miami, allowing the broadest geographic distribution of all turf-grasses.


Zoysia Sod Characteristics at a Glance

Deep Green Color

Grows slowly;
Less-frequent need for Mowing

Shade Tolerant

Drought Resistant

Resistant to Weed Invasion

Thrives on a Wide Range of Soils

 Types of Zoysia Sod Available

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A dense, lush sod that crowds out weeds and other grasses. A perfect lawn for the mid to deep South, tolerant of drought and extreme heat.



A dense shade tolerant turfgrass widely adaptable to full sun or light shade. Use for home, sports fields and commercial lawns.

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Impressive shade tolerance with exceptional density and vigor. This zoysia grass has easy upkeep so you can enjoy your leisure time. 



The grass of the 2016 Olympics. A medium/fine textured, dark green blade. This turfgrass is lush, green and tolerant of extreme heat and cold.



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