Emerald Zoysia SOD

Emerald Zoysia SOD

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Emerald Zoysia is The Crown Jewel of Lawn Grasses

Emerald Zoysia Lawn

Emerald Zoysia sod features at-a-glance:

  • A turfgrass for full sun or partial shade
  • Drought tolerant; this lawn does not like standing water
  • Emerald green-colored lawn
  • Finest leaf texture
  • Dense, lush, thick sod crowds out weeds and other grasses
  • Wear- and traffic-tolerant turfgrass
  • Slow growing lawn
  • Superior disease resistance
  • Tolerates extreme heat
  • Good winter hardiness (but best adapted to the mid- to deep-South)
  • Low growth habit
  • Can be rotary or reel mowed

Emerald Zoysia Lawn

Emerald Zoysia sod is ideal for:

  • Show-piece lawns, where outstanding appearance is worth a premium: near patios, around pool decks, small turf islands in retail and apartment complexes, and larger corporate or commercial areas where first impressions really matter!
  • Recreational sites
  • Public and private parks
  • Home lawns
  • All sod and turfgrass needs in highly visible areas in warm climates
  • Zones 7b to 11a on the 2012 USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map or Zones 1-2 on the Turfgrass Hardiness Map.

Call your local SuperSod location for more information or if you have questions about Emerald Zoysia sod! If you think this sod would be a great choice for your yard or landscaping needs, you can request a quote and we will start working on your order today!


Emerald Zoysia sod has these further characteristics:

  • Emerald Zoysia turfgrass has the finest leaf blade of the commercially-produced varieties and is the perfect turfgrass for making a positive lawn “first impression.”
  • Emerald Zoysia turfgrass is a very cold-hardy, warm-season turfgrass that stays green longer into the fall than other varieties. 
  • Emerald Zoysia turfgrass has a somewhat higher maintenance level than other Zoysias. It simply cannot be neglected for long periods of time, but if fertilized once or twice annually, watered as needed, and cut regularly, it makes an absolutely enviable lawn, in both full sun or moderate shade.
  • Emerald Zoysia turfgrass is less troubled by insect pests than Meyer.
  • Emerald Zoysia turfgrass can be installed as dormant sod, but it is not a recommended best practice for this variety.
  • Emerald Zoysia turfgrass is the first commercially-grown, vegetatively-propagated F1 hybrid Zoysia (Zoysia japonica × Ztenuifolia) produced in the US. Bred by Dr. Forbes and released in 1955 (several years after Meyer), this improved Zoysia grass exhibits a finer leaf texture than other Zoysia japonica grass selections like Meyer and Zenith. Its attractive fine texture and color resulted in Emerald being declared the “Cadillac of lawn grasses.”
  • Emerald Zoysia lawns can be mowed with a reel or a rotary lawn mower, but for the best looking Emerald lawn, we do recommend a reel mower. We carry Allett reel lawn mowers for the best cut.
  • Emerald Zoysia turfgrass is only reproduced vegetatively. Emerald Zoysia seed is not available for starting Emerald Zoysia lawns.

More Emerald Zoysia Info:

SOD is available, in individual rolls or full pallets, for pick-up/delivery at Super-Sod Stores.