Emerald Zoysia SOD

Emerald Zoysia SOD

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A Pristine Lawn for the South.

From the world’s oldest and largest producer of Certified Emerald Zoysia, Super-Sod Emerald is the true Emerald Zoysia. Your local Super-Sod experts will help you choose the best sod for your lawn. You can purchase Emerald Zoysia sod by the pallet for pick-up or delivery – Order from your local Super-Sod store.

Emerald Zoysia Lawn

Emerald Zoysia Lawn



Emerald Zoysia is an emerald green colored with the finest leaf texture.

This tried-and-true, fine-textured zoysia has withstood the test of time. After all these years, Emerald is still one of the most beautiful lawns for the South. Its attractive fine texture and dark green color resulted in it being declared the “Cadillac of lawn grasses.”


  • A dense, lush, thick sod that crowds out weeds and other grasses
  • A perfect lawn for the mid- to deep-South as it tolerates extreme heat
  • Superior disease resistance
  • Drought tolerant – avoid standing water
  • Ideal in areas of full sun or medium shade


More Emerald Zoysia Info:


Emerald Zoysia is ideal for show-piece lawns, where outstanding appearance and first impressions matter.

This grass is a perfect solution for all sod and turfgrass needs in highly visible areas in warm climates. Common uses include:


  • Near patios
  • Around pool decks
  • Small turf islands in retail and apartment complexes
  • Larger corporate or commercial areas
  • Recreational sites
  • Public and private parks
  • Home lawns (think yard of the month!)


SOD is available, in individual rolls or full pallets, for pick-up/delivery at Super-Sod Stores.


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