Bulk Mini Cubes Delivered

Driveway or Curbside delivery is included and facilitated by a third-party delivery partner. You'll receive a text message notification when your delivery time has been set, and continued text messages throughout the delivery process.

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Shipping to Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

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Bulk Mini Cubes Delivered Description

27 Mini Cubes of Soil³ delivered to your house! 

Total convenience includes:

  • Text once order is scheduled for delivery
  • Text when driver is on the way
  • Text upon arrival with product

1 Mini Cube = 1 cubic foot of compost 

27 Mini Cubes = 1 BigYellowBag 

When laying sod, we recommend 1-2 Mini Cubes per 4 rolls (40 sq. ft.) of sod.

Soil³ Mini Cubes were developed in this smaller size for renovating small bald or bare spots in your lawn; filling in holes or trenches; planting seasonal pots, containers, or boxes; or mulching both new and established perennials, shrubs or trees.

Delivery includes the option of driveway or curbside placement. Please specify your preference in the Notes section when placing your order.

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