Earthway Heavy Duty 50 lb. Walk-Behind Spreader

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Earthway Heavy Duty 50 lb. Walk-Behind Spreader Description

  • PATENTED EVEN-SPREAD DROP SYSTEM: EarthWay’s 3-hole-drop system, with side-spread control, promotes an even spread pattern with feathered edging for accurate applications. You can adjust the drop rate directly on the spreader.
  • SAVE TIME: EarthWay’s engineers designed the fully enclosed gearbox to provide years of service. You will get the same great, clog-free results even when used under moist or damp conditions. Think of the time and aggravation you’ll avoid not having to clean out the drop holes mid-project!
  • MADE COMPLETELY IN THE USA: EarthWay products are 100% Made in the USA by our manufacturing personnel. Every part of the assembly process is completed in the United States. You will not find any “assembled in America with globally sourced materials” products here.
  • SIDE-SPREAD CONTROL: This patented design protects your flowerbeds, sidewalks, and walkways. It allows you to control the left side spread pattern, which lets you maintain the correct application rate even when close to paths and other places you don’t want to spread material.
  • HEAVY-DUTY, DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: From steel T-handle to the epoxy coated frame specifically designed for even weight distribution to widespread 13″ pneumatic stud tires this unit will last for years to come. The sturdy tires won’t go flat, making it easy to spread fertilizer, salt, or seed on slopes or other uneven ground. Because of the engineering of the tires, EarthWay’s 2150 spreader is built to go and go.
  • WARRANTY: 1-Year Limited Warranty

The EarthWay 2150 is fitted with our patented EVEN-SPREAD® 3-Hole Drop Shut Off System and built in Side Spread Control. The 50lb capacity poly hopper is ideal for small jobs or in a situation where your storage space is limited. The multi-position height-adjustable handle and T-handle lever provide total operator control and comfort for users of different heights. Large 13 inch pneumatic tires glide through even the heaviest turf. In addition, the non-corrosive shut-off plate ensures seasons of trouble-free spreading.

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