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Fresh Grass Seed

Discover high-quality grass seed from Super-Sod, sourced from the same seeds we use to grow our premium sod. With our grass seed, you can confidently cultivate a beautiful and lush lawn that reflects our expertise and commitment to excellence. Explore the possibilities of growing what we grow, with grass seed from Super-Sod.

Measure your property virtually
Lawn area calculator is a quick & accurate way to estimate & order for your projects.

Grow What We Grow!

We take pride in growing, harvesting, processing, and packaging Zenith Zoysia and TifBlair Centipede seeds on our farm in Georgia. Unlike other suppliers, we eliminate the middle man because we are the farmer.

With our partnership with Pennington, we have access to first-rate Elite Tall Fescue seeds, offering you the freshest selection available in the Southeast. When you choose our grass seeds, you are growing the same quality that we cultivate on our very own sod farm.