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New Lawn Prep - Sod & Seed

Your dirt is terrible. Start out right by adding Soil³ compost for the best new lawn possible.

  • Improves soil structure through moisture retention
  • Adds organic nutrients and microorganisms to your soil
  • Minimizes the need for chemicals and fertilizers
  • Lawn disease suppression

How Much to Order: Use our Compost Calculator or order 1 BigYellowBag for every 2 pallets of sod (1,000 square feet) and 1 Mini Cube for every 4 rolls of sod (40 square feet). Round up when ordering and you can use extra in your flower beds, veggie patch, and containers.

Yard Area Calculator

Grass Seed

Tall Fescue Seed

A smaller bag of Tall Fescue seed for small areas or fixing patches

Lawn Care Tools

Super-Sod Walk-Behind Spreaders

Our very own push spreader

Soil³ Products

Soil³ Bulk Compost in a BigYellowBag

Compost for grass and ornamental plants, such as flowers and shrubs

Soil³ Mini Cube - 1 cubic foot

A smaller 1 cubic foot size of our famous compost
Measure your property virtually
Lawn area calculator is a quick & accurate way to estimate & order for your projects.