Lawn Care Tips

Lawn Care Tips

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At Super-Sod, our goal is to not only provide exceptional products for your lawn or business, but to also provide helpful resources to help you select, install, and maintain a healthy, green lawn. Whether you need tips on fertilizing your lawn, lawn maintenance or springtime yard care tips, Super-Sod is here to help.



Helpful Lawn Care Resources

Sod Installation Tips, Sod Watering & Sod Maintenance

What Kind of Grass Should I Plant?

Grass For Beginners



Lawn Care Guides & Sod Maintenance

Zenith® Zoysia

TifBlair™ Centipede

Elite Tall Fescue

TifTuf®  Bermuda

TifGrand®  Bermuda

Tifway (T-419) Bermuda

Emerald Zoysia

Leisure Time®  Zoysia

Zeon®  Zoysia