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Georgia Certified Seed and Certified Turfgrass

Georgia Certified Seed and Certified Turfgrass

All TifTuf® Bermuda sod and TifBlair™ Centipede sod/seed are Certified via Georgia Crop Improvement Association, Inc. (

Zenith® sod/seed, Emerald sod, and Tifway sod are grown as both Certified and non-Certified options. Though two options exist for these three selections, both options are top-quality and true-to-type; simply some is certified and some is not. You can request Certified for pick-up or delivery at our stores. 

Special Note: Our Emerald Zoysia is the only true Emerald Zoysia produced with planting stock from the original release. Emerald Zoysia sod is available from Super-Sod in both Certified and non-Certified quality. Even though not all our fields are "certified," we establish all fields only from registered and certified stock - this assures the Emerald you buy is the original and TRUE Emerald Zoysia turfgrass.




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