When To Seed

The best time to sow Zenith seeds is in mid-spring after the last frosts are expected.

Your latest summer or fall Zenith seed planting date is best determined by your growing zone. The standard guideline is to plant Zenith seed a MINIMUM of 60 days before you expect the first frost in the fall. If seed is planted too late in your growing season, even if it germinates, it might not have sufficient time to become hardy enough to survive fall and winter conditions.

How Much Seed

Using plenty of seed is the least expensive part of establishing a good lawn. "Saving" on the cost of seed results in spending more on watering and weeding. The rates below produce a good lawn in 2-3 months of summer growth.

Make a sketch of your lot and then measure with a tape the area you wish to seed. Calculate the square feet of seed needed by multiplying length times the width of the area measured. Deduct a reasonable amount for buildings, paved drives, and walks.

length x width = square feet of sod needed

For assistance with odd lawn shapes, use our Lawn Area Calculator.

Zenith Choices

  • 2 lb Bag - covers up to 2,000 square feet
  • 6 lb Bag - covers up to 6,000 square feet

Why We Don't Like Zoysia Plugs

Besides the lower cost of seeding Zenith Zoysia, there's the time factor. Read more on why we don't sell Zenith Zoysia as plugs: Pull the Plug on Zoysia Grass Plugs!

Caution: Don't use a pre-emergent herbicide!

Do not use any type of pre-emergent or “weed and feed” weed control for at least 90 days before seeding. Such chemicals will inhibit germination or kill the Zenith seedlings as they sprout!

Exception: A non-selective weed killer sprayed to kill existing vegetation during seedbed preparation and before seeding Zenith Zoysia is safe.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow this link for DIY instructions + video: How to Seed a Zenith Zoysia Lawn