Shade and Turf

Shade and Turf

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One of the most common questions we receive at all of our locations is regarding shade. In this video, we provide two views on shade and turf.

Remember: All plants have to have light to survive. Shade reduces photosynthesis and is essentially putting your lawn on a diet. If a plant is unable to get light then it is unable to feed. When you assess a shady area before planting turfgrass, look to see if anything is currently growing in that area. If there isn’t even a weed growing in the shade, chances are, turfgrass is not going to grow there. 

What can you do?

  • Assess the amount of sunlight on your site over the entire course of the day.
  • Remove lower limbs of trees to increase the amount of light.
  • Reduce the number of trees in an area.
  • Choose the right turfgrass for your area with our Turfgrass Selector.