The Encyclopedia of Lawn Grasses

The Encyclopedia of Lawn Grasses

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By W.A. Roquemore


On horses, houses, baseball, and belles there is much disagreement. Select any subject, state a preference and one can find an argument. Except lawn grass. On grass there is surprising unanimity - everyone wants a velvet-like carpet that never needs mowing or watering, performs perfectly on rich or poor soil, in sun or shade, and is deep green 365 days a year.

We can't offer you such a grass, nor can anyone else. In recent years much money and effort have been spent selecting and breeding better lawn and turf grasses, and several have been developed which are vastly superior to the old ones, but there is no promise or probability that someone will come up with the perfect grass.

People are surprised to learn that thousands of different Zoysias, Bermudas, and St. Augustines, some good, some poor, but all different, have undergone scientific testing to determine the best strain or strains for turf uses. New ones come along often, but it is usually prudent to let someone else do the experimenting and use what is tried and proven.

Grass is our business. We attempt herein to provide you with accurate, impartial information that will assist you in selecting, establishing, and maintaining the grass that will produce for you a beautiful Lifetime Lawn.

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