Zone Map

Zone Map

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We've developed our own hardiness zone map that reduces the 11 zones of the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map into 5 zones representing turfgrasses hardiness. Why would we do this? Because turfgrasses are generally adaptable to broader ranges of temperatures than flowers, shrubs, and trees, so we widened the zones to make it easier to communicate about turfgrasses.


Turfgrass Zone Map


Zone 1 - This zone includes lower coastal North Carolina, coastal South Carolina, coastal and south Georgia, all of Florida, and lower and coastal sections of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. This zone should use the Hot Climate Grasses which include Bermuda, Bahia, Centipede, Carpet, St. Augustine and Zoysia.

Zone 2 - This zone goes north of Zone 1 and includes north coastal North Carolina, much of central South Carolina, central Georgia, north and central Alabama, northern Louisiana, south west Tennessee, all except the most northern part of Arkansas, most of central Texas and the southern portion of Oklahoma. This zone should use a limited set of the Hot Climate Grasses including Bermuda, Centipede and Zoysia.

Zone 3 - This zone covers much of the middle U.S. including parts of New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, western North Carolina, western Tennessee, western Kentucky, southern Indiana, southern Illinois, southern Missouri, southern Kansas, northern Oklahoma, northern Texas, most of New Mexico, southern Arizona and most of coastal California. This zone should use Cool Season Grasses including Tifway Bermuda, Meyer Zoysia and Zenith Zoysia.

Zone 4 - This zone covers a band of the upper central U.S. including parts of Rhode Island and Connecticut, a small portion of southern New York, northern New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, eastern West Virginia, northern Virginia, east Tennessee, central Kentucky, most western Ohio, northern Indiana, southern Michigan, northern Illinois, southern Iowa and northern Missouri, southern Nebraska and northern Kansas, central Colorado, northwest New Mexico, northern Arizona, southeast Utah, the southern tip of Nevada, much of central California, coastal Oregon and south coastal Washington. This zone should use Cool Season Grasses including Meyer Zoysia and Zenith Zoysia.

Zone 5 - This zone covers the upper U.S. north of Zone 4 and should use Cool Season Grasses.