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Superior Blend: Elite Tall Fescue

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  • Water Star qualified
  • Tolerant of moist soils
  • Cool season turfgrass
  • Most shade tolerant
An excellent green-colored lawn year round

Elite tall fescue is a cool-season grass

The term "cool season" means it is evergreen in winter because it grows strongly in the fall and spring; slowing down and stopping growth in warm summer months.

Sun or Shade? Both.

Elite tall fescue is a turfgrass adaptable to sun or shade.

This is our most shade-tolerant lawn requiring only 3-4 hours of direct sun. All lawns need some sun to survive. Picture a prairie or savannah - they are grasslands without many trees. Your lawn is similar to those ecosystems and needs sunlight to grow. Tall fescue is our most shade tolerant turfgrass, but it does need some direct sun to survive and thrive. We have articles to help you determine if your yard is too shady for grass and we offer tips on how to make it a little more sunny, if necessary. 


Elite Tall Fescue

  • Tolerant of moderately moist soils, but keep it away from standing water (puddles)
  • Elite Tall Fescue lawns are pristinely grown in the upper South, from Atlanta to Charlotte to Raleigh and northwards.
  • Our Elite sod is a blend of highest-quality selections that are reviewed every year
  • Water Star Qualified seed is used to grow our sod, meaning the Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance has proven that Elite Tall Fescue requires 30% less water than other seed

Elite's other assets

  • Dark green color
  • Medium texture
  • Stripes well with the mower to create those classic lines
  • Elite Tall Fescue sod is ideal for residential lawns, large corporate and commercial landscapes, medians and roadsides, and parks.
  • Tall fescue makes a beautiful lawn for picnicking or light, occasional play, but it is not a sports turf

Where to Use Elite Tall Fescue

The finest lawn when you want green all winter. Suitable anywhere in the upper south where cooler summer conditions are conducive to growing a tall fescue. Elite lawns, from residences to large expanses of commercial landscapes, will look fresh and green especially through fall, winter, and early spring, when other lawns are dormant.

  • Residential lawns & commercial landscapes
  • Public & private parks
  • Medians & roadsides
  • All sod and turfgrass needs throughout the upper South, from Atlanta to Charlotte to Raleigh and northwards
  • Zones 3a to 7b on the 2012 USDA PlantHardiness Zone Map or Zones 2-5 on the Turfgrass Hardiness Map

Intrigued? There's more about Elite Tall Fescue on our Blog.

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Unique & versatile methods of establishment

Elite tall fescue is available as sod & seed

Sodding and seeding result in beautiful lawns that, in time, will look the same. The differences, in brief:
  • Sod costs more, but offers instant impact
  • Sod cost more, but is easier to take care of during the establishment phase
  • Seed costs less, but the trade off is in your time and effort
Fescue Cary by Judson woodydelivery
Both methods can be even be combined. Examples of combinations are to sod your front lawn and seed your back yard or sod your slopes (to prevent seed loss due to runoff) and seed the flat areas. Seed can also be used to overseed patchy, thin sodded areas and, of course, all tall fescue lawns should be overseeded every autumn to maintain a lush lawn.