Zenith® Zoysia Grass Seed

The only Zoysia available as both sod and seed

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Shipping to Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

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Medium Green Color
Medium Texture
Dense Lawn
Full Sun
Partial Shade
Heat Tolerant
Cold Tolerant
Drought Resilient
Insect & Disease Resistant

Zenith® Zoysia Grass Seed Description

Zenith is the only Zoysiagrass available as both sod and seed.

  • Shade tolerant; a turfgrass that’s widely adaptable to full sun or light shade
  • Dark green blade
  • Medium-textured turfgrass
  • Makes a lawn with a dense growth habit
  • Tolerant of extreme heat and cold; it’s a well-adapted lawn from the southern coast to the upper transition zone
  • Drought resilient; it goes dormant in extended drought, greening up again when rain returns

Amount Needed:
2 lb. bag will cover up to 2,000 square feet and a 6 lb. bag will cover up to 6,000 sq. ft.

Recommended Spreader: For more controlled spreading of seeds, we recommend a hand-held spreader, such as our EV-N-Spred.

When to Plant: In Zones 8 and colder, you have until September 1st to plant Zenith Zoysia seeds successfully. We recommend you start your project as soon as possible. For zones 9 and 10, you can safely plant until September 30th. For Zones 11 and warmer, you can plant all year.

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Guarantee: We guarantee to the extent of the purchase price excluding shipping that the purity and germination of these seeds are as described on the affixed label, within recognized tolerances. We do not guarantee performance or suitability, and make no further warranty, express or implied.

Return Policy: Before buying or planting see guarantee above. If this guarantee is unacceptable, the unopened bag may be returned within 30 days for purchase price refund. Under seed laws of several states arbitration is required as a prerequisite to maintaining a legal action against the seller of the seed in any dispute relating to the quality or performance of the seed sold. The purchaser shall file a complaint along with the required filling fee (where applicable) to the Commissioner or Chief Agricultural Officer within such time as to permit inspection of the crops, plants or trees by the designated agency and the seedman from whom the seed was purchased. A copy of the complaint shall be sent to the seller by certified or registered mail or as otherwise provided by state statute.

International and volume customers please call: 1-229-482-3131 or 1-800-634-1672 or email seedsales@pattenseed.com. This online store handles retail orders for the continental US.

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