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Soil³ Products

Soil³ Level Mix in a BigYellowBag

A bulk sand-compost blend we designed to level warm season lawns

Soil³ Bulk Compost in a BigYellowBag

Compost for grass and ornamental plants, such as flowers and shrubs

Soil³ Veggie Mix in a BigYellowBag

A compost-bark mix designed for vegetable gardens and containers

Soil³ Mini Cube - 1 cubic foot

A smaller 1 cubic foot size of our famous compost

Level Mix Bucket

A smaller 3.5 gallon size of our mix for leveling warm season lawns

Veggie Mix Mini Cube - 1 cubic foot

A smaller 1 cubic foot size of our vegetable and container mix
Measure your property virtually
Lawn area calculator is a quick & accurate way to estimate & order for your projects.

Organic Lawn Care is Possible with Soil³ Compost

Our rich compost helps you create a healthier lawn from the ground up: 

  • Soil³ provides natural nutrients and helps your soil retain moisture
  • Microorganisms in compost offer natural disease suppression
  • Soil³ compost promotes root growth, creating a stronger, healthier lawn 

Read more about OMRI Listed Organic Lawn Care with Soil³.

Use Soil³ Compost when establishing new lawns from sod and seed and for fertilizing established lawns.