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Opelika, AL | Super-Sod Store

Sod, fresh from the farm. Online Ordering
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Super-Sod of Opelika

Currently on the Frog Pond Turf farm we're growing Meyer Zoysia and Common Centipede. They're not available to order online, so please call us if you'd like to schedule pick up or delivery these two types of turfgrasses.

We do have Tifway 419 Bermudagrass and Emerald Zoysiagrass available to oder online for pick up or delivery throughout Alabama.

We are planting new fields to bring TifTuf Bermudagrass (in 2022-2023), then Zenith and Zeon Zoysiagrasses (in 2023-2024), to customers in the region. 

To order sod from our Frog Pond Turf farms call 334-749-8900.

At Super-Sod, our goal is to rid the world of ugly lawns.

We do this by growing the best turfgrass possible, continuing to develop new products and methods, using cutting-edge technology, and always seeking to improve our farming and operational practices, environmental stewardship, and employee knowledge. For more information about us, read our Pledge to Our Customers.

Products & Services

Products Size
Common Centipede 500 sf per pallet / 10 sf per roll
TifTuf Bermuda 500 sf per pallet / 10 sf per roll
Tifway 419 Bermuda Sod 500 sf per pallet / 10 sf per roll
Pelletized Limestone 50lb
Starter and Centipede Formulation (5-10-30 + Iron + Acelepryn) 50lb
Starter and Centipede Formulation (5-10-30 + Iron) 25 or 50lb
Total Lawn Food 16-4-8 + Iron 25 or 50lb
Level Mix Bucket 3.5 gallon bucket
Level Mix in a BigYellowBag 1 cubic yard
Mini Cube of Soil³ Compost 1 cubic foot
Mini Cube of Soil³ Veggie Mix 1 cubic foot
Soil³ Compost in a BigYellowBag 1 cubic yard
Soil³ Veggie Mix in a BigYellowBag 1 cubic yard


Pick-up or Delivery - We serve a large area - call us to schedule pick-up or delivery.

Additional Landscaping Products

We have several other products that will soon be available in Alabama such as our own fertilizer blends and products that cover every level of lawn care!