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Golf Course Applications for Zenith Zoysia

This is the same class of cold and drought tolerant, disease-resistant zoysia most golf course owners and superintendents thought was only within reach of the exclusive, high-end country clubs - the ones that could swing the steep costs of sodding and sprigging.

Thanks to new turfgrass seed harvest and processing technology, Patten Seed Company has brought to the international markets - hybrid Zenith Zoysia seed that achieves high germination requiring as little as one pound per 1000 square feet to create zoysia fairways and tees.

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Advantages of Zenith Zoysiagrass on golf course fairways, roughs and tees include:

  • Permanent turf - no reseeding
  • Winter hardy
  • Poa annua control
  • Requires less fertilizer
  • Less water needed in summer - less mud
  • Less frequent mowing
  • Golfers love the way the ball sits up on zoysiagrass
  • Looks great and plays well - year round

Zoysiagrass is adapted over most of the U.S. and all temperate to tropic climates around the world.

Match your club’s current cool-season and weedy summer fairway conditions and expenses against the benefits of hybrid Zenith Zoysiagrass, and you’ll see why zoysia fairways and tees are becoming more and more in demand by golfers all over. The conversion to Zenith Zoysia pays for itself in both installation and perpetual maintenance savings, year after year after year.