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Success Stories

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Golf Course Success Stories with Zenith Zoysia


Most transition zone golfers (from Nebraska to Maryland south) are tired of playing on dead grass and muddy reseeded fairways in the summer and fall, year to year.  Bluegrass, Poa and Ryegrass fairways just can’t stand up to summer heat and humidity.  Even though applying costly fungicides on a regular basis, substantial summer damage can occur.  With an average one time cost of between $1,000 and $1,500 dollars per acre, golf clubs can recoup these costs the first year after renovation in reduced costs of spraying fungicides and reseeding.  Zoysia is the premium playing surface wherever golf is played.  Now, having quality zoysia fairways is affordable too.

Zenith Zoysia turf is being harvested at 13 months.
Note area irrigation was short (traveling gun).

Right: Hidden Creek Superintendent Rob Ryan on a newly sodded area around a green. 

All greens and surrounds will be sodded with the new sod as well as the fairways of the next 9 holes.

Right: Hidden Creek GC in Sellersburg, IN, just north of Louisville KY.  The fairway in the picture is a second year of Zenith Zoysia seeding.


"Seeded zoysia performs as well as vegetative types in our cultivar studies and it has tremendous potential on new or reconstructed fairways. Our studies show that we can go from bare ground to >90% cover in ten weeks. Though it might be slow to establish, seeded zoysia is inexpensive to establish and inexpensive to maintain for the life of the stand."
- Dr. Zac Reicher Associate Professor / Turfgrass Extension Specialist Department of Agronomy, Purdue University


Right: KY golf course planted in 2003.

Right: KY golf course final product.
Members love it!
Right: Zenith Zoysia 43 days after planting in Cincinnatti. Poa Annua was killed with Revolver (red/brown grass) with no damage to the Zenith. In this picture the verti-cut lines are still visible.
Right: Another view of the Cincinnatti Zenith Zoysia 43 days after planting. Notice the percentage of cover and no verti-cut lines. Small patches of crab grass are visible.
Right: Kentucky course front of a par 3 established two years earlier. Note drought conditions on rye, blue and poa rough in relation to conditions of the Zenith.