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Zenith Technology

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Zenith Zoysia Technology

Affordable zoysia turf - didn't happen overnight.  Patten Seed Company, with more than 50 years of warm-season seed and sod production experience, spent years developing special turfgrass seed technology, while collaborating worldwide with research labs and industry experts, to deliver the breakthrough - Zenith Zoysiagrass.

The company combined three parent clones from Dr. Jack Murray, former head of the noted USDA zoysia research program.  The resulting progeny, Zenith Zoysia, combined with a unique chemical germination enhancement process is superior to common zoysia and performs equal to or better than most popular vegetative zoysia planted on golf courses today.

The astounding result of this scientific teamwork was the transformation of a seed with a historically slow and poor germination rate of barely 30 percent into a robust product that achieves a germination rate of 85 percent or more.


Zenith Zoysia Seed

  • Meyer like in appearance
  • Medium textured leaves
  • Consistant dark green color
  • Excellent winter hardiness
  • Improved ball lie
  • Consistant dark green color
  • Environmentally friendly - LESS water, fertilizer, maintenance

Seeded Zoysia Advantages

  • High Performance - Seeded grasses perform at the same levels as vegetative selections
  • Uniform and Consistent Appearance
  • Affordable - Seed production levels now make seed costs reasonable
  • Germination - new proprietary chemical enhancement - 85% germination


Measure for Yourself

Match your club’s current cool-season and weedy summer fairway conditions and expenses against the benefits of hybrid Zenith Zoysiagrass, and you’ll see why zoysia fairways and tees are becoming more and more in demand by golfers all over. The conversion to Zenith Zoysia pays for itself in both installation and perpetual maintenance savings, year after year after year.