Drivable Grass

Drivable Grass

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Super-Sod’s DRIVABLE GRASS® is our green solution for parking lots and driveways. This permeable, plantable pavement is used in residential and
commercial areas. DRIVABLE GRASS is a permeable, flexible, and plantable concrete pavement system. Lay it down instead of concrete or asphalt, and
plant sod along with it. The turf will grow un-obstructed through the open spaces.

DRIVABLE GRASS® can be used with sod or grass seed. We recommend Bermuda and Zoysia as the best choices due to their vigorously spreading natures.


DRIVABLE GRASS Characteristics

  • It offers the same strength and durability as conventional pavers.
  • Designed to flex and conform. It does not crack and break like rigid concrete or pop up and wear like plastic paving.
  • Facilitates the growth of a continuous root system below the mats, promoting healthy turf while minimizing moisture evaporation.
  • The concrete compressive strength is 5,000 psi.
  • DRIVABLE GRASS qualifies for numerous LEED credits.
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More Information about DRIVABLE GRASS

Drivable Grass, a permeable plantable pavement.


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