Super-Sod’s DRIVABLE GRASS® is our green solution for parking lots and driveways. This permeable, plantable pavement is used in residential and commercial areas. DRIVABLE GRASS is a permeable, flexible, and plantable concrete pavement system. Lay it down instead of concrete or asphalt, and plant sod along with it. The turf will grow un-obstructed through the open spaces.

DRIVABLE GRASS® can be used with sod or grass seed. We recommend Bermuda and Zoysia as the best choices due to their vigorously spreading natures.

DRIVABLE GRASS Characteristics

  • It offers the same strength and durability as conventional pavers.
  • Designed to flex and conform. It does not crack and break like rigid concrete or pop up and wear like plastic paving.
  • Facilitates the growth of a continuous root system below the mats, promoting healthy turf while minimizing moisture evaporation.
  • The concrete compressive strength is 5,000 psi.
  • DRIVABLE GRASS qualifies for numerous LEED credits.

Ideas for DRIVABLE GRASS® in light- to medium-traffic residential and commercial settings. Uses are not limited to this list! Contact us for a consultation.

DRIVABLE GRASS® qualifies for numerous LEED credits. Here's why:

  • This permeable system offers a simple and reliable solution to storm water management through biofiltration, infiltration, and storage without losing valuable site area. Its permeable properties enable precipitation to infiltrate into the underlying soils, thus increasing on-site storm water storage and minimizing runoff. With the use of DRIVABLE GRASS the traditional storm drains, hydrodynamic separators, filtration devices, and detention basins can be reduced or eliminated.
  • The thin-profile, permeable, and flexible concrete paving system promotes superior root penetration and moisture containment beneath the product resulting in healthy turf.
  • This plantable system also counts for required green space allowing for more usable land while reducing Heat Island Effect.

Golf Cart Paths

The benefits of using Drivable Grass for cart paths:

  • More aesthetically pleasing than ugly paved cart paths.
  • Reduced surface temperature for a cooler golfing experience.
  • Modular for easy path maintenance.
  • Reduced pollution caused by asphalt surfaces.

Erosion Control

  • DRIVABLE GRASS allows flexibility and conformity to irregular ground surface contours along pre-defined linear grooves, while providing structural support.
  • The unique product, whether planted or non-planted, is the solution for a variety of applications for soil stabilization.
  • DRIVABLE GRASS is an ideal solution for erosion control protection when used in bio-swales, road shoulders, roadside swales, infiltration basins, small channels and ditches.
Typical drainage swale detail
Drainage Channel
Road Shoulder
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