Super-Sod's PDH Course

Super-Sod's PDH Course

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Green Sustainability, More Than Just Turfgrass


Super-Sod has been at the forefront of green solutions to erosion and sedimentation control for decades; however, most of the information available has been provided to contractors, developers, and commercial industry.  Super-Sod is much more than turfgrass, but the association is engrained throughout the southeast.


Super-Sod is determined to provide engineers and architects with information to increase the quality of their design to fit the existing conditions of each project in terms of green sustainability, erosion and sedimentation control, and stormwater management.

Drivable GrassSuper-Sod's Drivable Grass Permeable Pavers

Super Sod’s course provides a detailed overview of green solutions to sustainability in terms of considerations for: 

Super Sod Zenith Zoysia Baseball Field

  • Turfgrass Sod – What is the value of turfgrass sod?

Super Sod Seed

  • Turfgrass Seed – What are the advantages to choosing the right turfgrass seed?

Topdressing with Soil3

Drivable Grass

  • Drivable Grass – What stormwater management factors are meaningful?

PDH Course – 1 hour

Course Instructor:
Burke B Murph III, PE, MBA
Managing Partner
Georgia Water & Environmental Services, LLC.