• Total Lawn Food 16-4-8 + Iron

    Good for Zoysia, Bermuda, Tall Fescue grasses
    • All-purpose fertilizer
    • Contains both soluble and slow-release fertilizers
    • Best for actively growing warm and cool season turfgrasses, so apply to warm season grasses in spring and summer and to cool season grasses in fall and winter
    • Do not use this on Centipede lawns
    • Comes in 25 or 50 lb. bags
  • Starter and Centipede Formulation (5-10-30 + Iron)

    Good for Zoysia, Bermuda, Centipede grasses
    • Low in nitrogen - so the best choice for Centipede lawns
    • Higher in phosphorus and potassium
    • Applying 5-10-30 in spring to warm-season grasses such as Zoysia, Bermuda, and Centipede will encourage root recovery from the winter without promoting too much growth
    • Traditional fertilizer mix used for generations in farming and landscape maintenance as a starter fertilizer
    • Comes in 25 or 50 lb. bags
  • Pelletized Dolomitic Limestone

    Good for Zoysia, Bermuda, Centipede, Tall Fescue grasses
    • A dust-free, easy-to-spread limestone product
    • Neutralizes soil acidity
    • Major source of calcium and magnesium


All Super-Sod stores carry Total Lawn Food, the fertilizer you need when starting a lawn from sod or seed and for continued fertilization of established lawns. Come by and pick up some fertilizer or ask to have bags included with your delivery.


Organic Humus Compost

We produce Soil³, an organic humus compost made from all-natural products from our farms. Soil³ is available for pick-up or delivery at all of our stores. Learn more: Soil³

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