• Up to 3 acres coverage (may vary depending on the quality and layout of the terrain and the presence of obstacles)
  • Mow height from .86 to 3.9 inches (22 mm – 100 mm)
  • Mowing width of 24.9 inches
  • Self charging battery
  • Simple user interface
  • Ultrasonic sensor for safety
  • Remote monitoring and control with your phone
  • 3 floating heads
  • 3 retractable and replaceable 2 in blades per cutting head
GPS Assisted Navigation Yes
Working Area Capacity 3 Acres
Charging Time 80 Minutes
Average Noise 70 dB
Max Slope 17 Degrees
Smartphone Control Built In

Tablet and smartphone applications allow you to control your fleet from anywhere.

  • Give remote commands
  • GPS location and georeferencing notifications
  • Real-time status and performance monitoring
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