Leisure Time Zoysia can thrive in full sun as well as minimal sun. This grass greens up earlier than other zoysia grasses in the spring after winter dormancy. Leisure Time can be installed during spring, summer, and early fall. Other zoysia features include:

  • Impressive shade tolerance; exhibiting exceptional density and vigor with only 4 hours of direct sun
  • Dark green blade
  • Dense turf that resists weeds
  • Medium-fine texture turfgrass
  • Tolerant of extreme heat and cold; it’s a well-adapted lawn from the southern coast to the upper transition zone
  • Easy upkeep so you can enjoy your Leisure Time
  • Disease resistant
  • Home lawns
  • Commercial landscapes
  • Golf courses (fairway, tee, or rough)
  • Sports fields
  • Zones 5b to 11a on the 2012 USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map or Zones 1-4 on the Turfgrass Hardiness Map

Maintenance Guide & Tech Sheet