• Performs best in full sun
  • Vigorous-growing lawn
  • Beautiful green-colored blades
  • Fine-textured turfgrass (not as fine as TifGrand™)
  • Lawns retain color well under stress
  • High turf density and strength, with quick recovery from wear
  • From sod, this grass establishes very quickly
  • Grows best in hot climates and may become dormant after frost, but recovers quickly when temperatures warm
  • Drought tolerant; withstanding drought by going into dormancy until sufficient rainfall resumes.
  • Provides fast recuperative rates from traffic and wear
  • Exhibits dense growth and competes with the presence of turf weeds
  • Tolerance to and quick recovery from pest damage
  • Can tolerate relatively high soil and water salt concentration
  • Can be installed as dormant sod

Tifway Bermuda grass is ideal golf course fairways and tees. It’s also used on football, soccer and baseball fields due to its ability to recover quickly from ware and stand up to heat and sun.

Use Tifway Bermuda for any sod and turfgrass needs for high use or highly visible areas in warm climates.

Maintenance Guide & Tech Sheet