TifTuf Bermuda

TifTuf Bermuda

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Drought tolerant grass just got a new standard.

TifTuf bermuda is known for its drought tolerance and ability to maintain turf quality under drought stress. In our own experience we believe that once TifTuf is established, it will not need irrigation, even during moderate drought. Learn more below.

TifTuf Bermuda Features

  • Fine-textured, bright green turf
  • Best drought tolerant grass
  • Does not simply go dormant like other grasses
  • Superior in color and density over Tifway (419)
  • Grass provides best resistance to traffic
  • Fast recovery from wear/tear or drought
  • Better shade tolerance than Tifway
  • Quicker spring green up and better green color retention into fall than Tifway
  • Disease resistant
  • Better overall turfgrass quality and aesthetics under drought stress than any other Bermudagrass
  • TifTuf will pay for itself in reduced water bills
  • Can be installed when sod is dormant in the winter and/or actively growing in the summer - that means anytime!
  • Can be mowed with a reel or a rotary lawn mower

TifTuf Bermuda Ideal Uses

Due to its drought tolerance, TifTuf Bermuda grass is replacing Tifway (419) as the new standard turfgrass in residential and commercial landscapes as well as use in other high traffic areas like parks & sports fields. High impact activities such as football, soccer, baseball and golf are no problem for TifTuf because it withstands wear and tear from traffic better than any other Bermuda.

  • Residential lawns
  • Commercial landscapes
  • Sports fields
  • Parks


TifTuf Bermuda Resources 

   Data & Charts from the UGA
   Photo Gallery
   Homeowner Benefits Video
   Lawn Maintenance Guide
   Tech Sheet (pdf)
   How to Install Sod Video

TifTuf Water Calculator

TifTuf Before and After Drought Pictures | Super-Sod

 TifTuf Left | Tifway Right - After 6 week drought. 

TifTuf drought tolerant bermuda is for sale by individual rolls or full pallets for pick-up or delivery. Contact one of our Super-Sod Stores to order or click here for a Free Quote


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