About Us

For 5 Generations and 100 years, we've been striving to do better today than we did yesterday.

Super-Sod®, one of the South's largest producers of turfgrass sod and seed, sets the standard for the industry. Strategically-placed farms and outlets around the Southeast allows Super-Sod to provide superior, fresh sod to each customer. Our employees stand out as being industry professionals who offer knowledge, experience, and a passion to serve. We deliver sod on-time, when we say we will.

Super-Sod Quick Facts

Patten Seed owns the Super-Sod brand. We started using the brand in 1980 to market sod in the expanding urban markets.

  • Our farms have been producing fresh-cut sod for almost 60 years.
  • Super-Sod's success has been based on our old-fashioned family approach, especially service after the sale.
  • Our passionate and professional staff are sod and lawn experts, who will give you the best information possible.
  • Our website provides you step-by-step guides for achieving the quality Lifetime Lawn that satisfies our many customers: Super-Sod DIY

Our Locations

With 6 farms and 12 outlet stores in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina, Super-Sod can provide unmached availablility and selection of grasses. We have 4 Atlanta outlet locations as well as outlets accross the Southeast. We ship throughout GA, SC, NC and North Florida. Visit our Store Locator for maps and details.


Our History


The beginnings of Patten Seed Company were started by Robert L. Patten, a school teacher, who opened a general store in Lakeland, Georgia, circa 1893. Located downtown, the general store sold seed, fertilizer and everything in between, from horse collars to caskets. Mr. Patten’s only son, Lawson, continued with the store and many agricultural side projects, including a seed-cleaning plant that we still use today. Lawson had three children, one of them a daughter who married Bill Roquemore. Bill, a WWII bomber pilot, became involved in the family's business and was the entrepreneur, visionary, and people-person who built Patten Seed into the great family business it is today.


Since Bill Roquemore built up the company Patten Seed, it has developed into many different subsets including Super-Sod. Super-Sod's success has been based on our old-fashioned family approach, especially service after the sale. Bill’s son, Jim, follows in his footsteps, along with Ben Copeland Sr. and Ben Jr. Today, Patten Seed is a privately held family and employee-owned business.



Sod and Seed

Bill Roquemore was a pioneer in the Centipede seed business, working with researchers in the development and marketing of the successful Centi-Seed® brand, trademarked in 1954. The brand has stood for increased quality, high germination rates, and less-expensive lawn establishment for the customer (prior to Centi-Seed, Centipede lawns were established through sprigging).

We continue the seed innovation legacy with the development of TifBlair™ Centipede and Zenith® Zoysia. Zenith, introduced in 1990, is the only Zoysia available as both sod and seed.

Throughout the 1950’s and 1980’s, due to Bill’s vision and work with Dr. Glenn Burton’s improved Bermudas, Patten Seed was a leader in providing superior turfgrasses to Southeastern and Caribbean golf courses. Golf course building experienced a boom due to the interest  generated by the game appearing on TV, increased leisure time, and accessibility to the sport beyond just the upper class. Patten Seed was a pioneer in the innovation of these new grasses, new harvesting and planting machinery, as well as new growing techniques to meet the increased demand for golf course turfgrasses.

As a sod producer, Patten Seed positioned itself throughout the 1960’s to the present by constantly developing and testing new, high-quality turf varieties, embracing and innovating new technology, along with establishing production farms readily accessible to Southeastern cities to provide the freshest sod possible.

"I would love to tell someone about what excellent service & product I received from Carolyn at the Hendersonville/Fletcher, NC location. My grass is healthy & beautiful. In the future, I will highly recommend your company. Kudos & many thanks."
- Jane in North Carolina